1955 Pocket Handwarmer

 1955 Pocket Handwarmer - Photo 

These things amaze me. You can actually safely put fire in your pocket! Crazy.

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  • izzi

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    These things amaze me. You can actually safely put fire in your pocket! Crazy.

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  • styledash

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    Gloves, especially long ones, are totally "in," but when it's below zero, she needs extra warmth to keep her hands warm. The pocket hand warmer can be kept in her purse, in her muff, or where else? In her pockets! And with even dresses featuring pockets these days, that's just perfect.

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  • wishywashy

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    This is a neat item that actually looks like it would come from the 1955 time. I was born in '55 and when I was young I remember my dad re-filling his lighter that had the same wool like stuff that the lighter fluid was poured over, and I still have that smell in my nose of the fluid. I have one of these but it looks a little different. As for Rating......hummm, pouring lighter fluid over the wool like stuff, putting the little cap back over and lighting this thing, putting the big cap back on, slide it into a fabric bag......it is sooooo cool, but I would be afraid to use one!!! ;o) Hey !! are these being produced NOW????

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