White Romance Gown

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where can i find this dress

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  • JordynKamden

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    where can i find this dress

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    • Laptopbride
      Hi, I saw it at ABLambdin.com They still have it off and on. It's gorgeous isn't it. And, it was under $100.00 ... check them out and evenutally it should reappear.
    • juteb_2000
      I love this dress but can not find it anywhere. Any suggestions?
    • emiliz
      I called ABLambdin a few months back and they told me they do not carry anymore, it is discontinued. I LOVE this dress! Any other places?
    • carebn2
      I have this dress in Size L and XL. Brand new. Never worn either one. Bought it for $149.00
    • chellebelle
      i really love this dress too, I'd like to wear it for my wedding in hawaii... carebn2, do you still have them? i'd buy one from you if you are willing to sell!
    • jacquimitchell78
      anyone out there still have this dress?