Tree of Life Potion Bottle Necklace by leighswiccanboutique

 Tree of Life Potion Bottle Necklace by leighswiccanboutique - Photo 

Check it out all store your favorite potion around your neck with this lovely tree of life Potion Bottle double Necklace.

Necklace also contains a wire wrapped Vintage Pyrite stone about 40yrs old from Colorado in the center.
Wrapped with Gold plated wire.

Center is Approx. 20" in total lengt...more

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    Check it out all store your favorite potion around your neck with this lovely tree of life Potion Bottle double Necklace. Necklace also contains a wire wrapped Vintage Pyrite stone about 40yrs old from Colorado in the center. Wrapped with Gold plated wire. Center is Approx. 20" in total length, and the longest part is approx. 26" in total length. __________________________________________________________________ Metaphysical Properties: Pyrite: Extremely common in the Earth's crust and found in almost every possible geological environment including sedimentary, metamorphic, magmatic and hydrothermal deposits, Pyrite's usual crystal forms are cubic, octahedron and pyritohedron - the latter being a dodecahedron with 5-sided pentagon faces. When a cube and pyritohedron crystal combine, the face of the cube may appear striated (grooved with lines or ridges). Many times Pyrite will be found in combination's of all these forms, but may also occur in masses, globular, radiating or reniform. Pyrite is also commonly found as small nodules. A flat variety of this nodular form, appropriately called "Pyrite Suns" or "Pyrite Dollars", are popular with collectors. Having the same chemical makeup as Marcasite but with different structure, symmetry and shape, Pyrite is thus a polymorph of Marcasite and it can be extremely difficult to distinguish between the two. The name Marcasite is derived from the Arabic word for Pyrite. The confusion between the two minerals is amplified as the jewelry trade uses the trade name of Marcasite when in reality what they are selling is Pyrite. True Marcasite cannot be used in jewelry as it has an even higher tendency than Pyrite to crumble into a powder. Pyrite also closely resembles Galena, but Galena has a higher symmetry. Another mineral, Bravoite, is very closely related to Pyrite too, but contains 20% more nickel, although some go so far as to list it a variety of Pyrite. Even though Pyrite contains a high percentage of Iron and is abundant, it is not used as a source for Iron (the primary iron ores being the Iron Oxides, Hematite and Magnetite), but it was mined as a source for Sulfur during WWII in order to produce sulfuric acid, an important chemical used in industry. The Sulfur component of Pyrite was in high demand as a strategic chemical, and a then newly-found deposit in Ducktown, Tennessee, provided what America needed at the time. Myth & Lore: Pyrite was very often used for scrying. The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas, at one time, all were known to polish large slabs of Pyrite to a mirror-like finish which they used for this very purpose. Native Americans believed they could look into one's very soul when peering into a polished piece of Pyrite. Their shamans used it as "a stone of power," and their medicine men used it in certain healing rituals. Pyrite has also been labeled the "Healer's Stone". The ancient Chinese viewed the earth as a golden cube, a vision well emulated by Pyrite. They also believed that Pyrite would guard against crocodile attacks. Pyrite is thought to create a better balance and flow between right and left brain function. This helps transform the intuitive and creative (right brain) thought into logical and well-reasoned (left brain) action. These metallic crystals are often used to attract money and good fortune. It is also widely used to protect against infections and viral attacks, and to help one attain a more ideal state of health. An interesting parallel...Edgar Cayce, commonly known as "The Sleeping Prophet", recommended that "to carry a piece of Carbon Steel in one's pocket (preferably a groin pocket) would inhibit one from catching a cold or infection". Carbon Steel is a mixture of Iron and Carbon, to which Pyrite is similar and claims the same health benefit. The ancient Greeks used polished Pyrite in various types of jewelry and amulets. During the Victorian Age in England, jewelry made with Pyrite was extremely popular. Cleanse and recharge Pyrite under the rays of the Sun. Metaphysical Properties of Pyrite: Astrological Sign(s): Leo Element(s): Fire Chakra(s): Solar Plexus, Third Eye (Brow) Defense, Shielding, Protection, Deflects and disperses negativity, Grounding, Stimulates intellect, Harmonizes dualities, Psychic development, Enhances memory, Increases energy and stamina, Determination, Promotes self-confidence, Attracts wealth and good fortune. Gives physical aid in treating: Infections, viruses and fevers; blood disorders; increases blood flow to the brain and improves circulatory system; increases memory; bone and cellular formation; helps repair DNA/RNA damage; fatigue, lung problems; digestive tract problems; relieves anxiety and stress. NOTE: Stone therapy should NOT take the place of medical evaluation and procedures, and should be used merely to enhance one's health and well-being.

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