the little box of i love you: 40 Collectible Postcards

 the little box of i love you: 40 Collectible Postcards - Photo 

I love these postcards!

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    I love these postcards!

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    • hapa_lee
      Boyfriends need to learn about these. It will simplify their lives and make girlfriends unbelievably happy.

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    This is a hard one to describe, in the sense that the idea for the book is just sort of floating out there, the same way that the three-word phrase that names the book does in these photos. “I love you” goes through dozens of permutations in these small images, and although the book is playful, the concept itself and the intention – that simple but undersaid expression – remains the same. The object of love is, of course, never shown, and can just as easily be the reader as it could be their lover or perhaps no one in particular. But it captures the feeling of wild love that we should all spend more time in.

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