Sanotint Light Hair Dye

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Do-it Yourself Hair Dye Made From Golden Millet and Vegetal Extracts CONTAINS NO P-PHENYLENDIAMINE

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  • jayakanth

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    Do-it Yourself Hair Dye Made From Golden Millet and Vegetal Extracts CONTAINS NO P-PHENYLENDIAMINE

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    • blacksheep
      BEWARE!! while this product doesn't list PPD as an ingredient, it Does contain derivatives of the exact same chemical, plus Other Harsh Chemicals like resorcinol, etc. i had to go to Emergency because of my Severe Allergic Reaction to it. i was put on Prednisone (oral steroid) for 3.5 weeks, and my doctor was so worried he said i might Chemotherapy to stabilize my condition. if i could only upload images of how badly i reacted to Sanotint Light... you would be Horrified! so please be careful. their claim of no PPD is FALSE!!! while there are many kinds of roses, a rose is still a rose. similarly, this product contains PPD. again, for those of you with allergies to PPD, BEWARE!!!
    • kcsing1
      So sorry to hear about Blacksheep's horrible reaction! Blacksheep, do you recommend another hair dye without PPd? How can Sanotint say there is no ppd when they have a derivitive??
    • flyerhill
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    • aviamesser
      i am also very elergic to PPD, and bought SANOTINT, i did an alergy test only on my hand and now for 2 weeks i have a burn on my hand. be carefull!!!! please, dose anyone know of color that is compleatly free- PPD? anywhere in the world? PLEASE HELP
    • anna_devil
      i am shocked to read this, i have been using this hair dye since last year, i am allergic to PPD but luckily i havent reacted to sanotint hair dye! i had a ppd reaction test taken (again) about 2 months ago and unfortunately it came out positive, not sure now what to do- continue to buy sanotint or..wot else is there on the market? email me at
    • Indigirl
      Hi, I tried Sanotint light hair dye and had a very bad allergic reaction to it. Similar to Jayakanth's reaction. I dont think any color is completley free of PPD, I tried for months and found only one that might not have PPD or any of the other chemicals. Check out if you want the dye. I didn't try it because I live in India and getting it from New York everytime is kind of tedious. But I found a blog , which suggested trying henna powder with indigo leaf powder, the combination of which gives a black color. It's totally natural,plant and vegetable based,and works very well. I tried it and am very, very happy with the result. I have a lot of grey hair and now my hair is black, shiny and soft. I bought the indigo leaf powder from Tamil nadu,India and mix it at home with the henna. The beauty salon I go to has also decided to buy the indigo powder as a lot of customers want to switch to this natural way of coloring hair. Of course this is a solution for people with dark hair not light hair.
    • weirdsparkle
      I have used Sanotint Light a few times and have been very happy with the results, I haven't had a reaction to PPD myself but I know people who have and decided I no longer wanted to take the risk so I am trying out all the PPD free hair dyes I can find! I just wanted to warn people who do have allergies that although Sanotint list the ingredients on site as INGREDIENTS: Oil extract of golden Millet with Calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5) and biotin; vegeteble extracts: Olive Leaf, Birch, Grape seed. When I got the hairdye boxes I found that there are other ingredients beside these including resorcinol and hydrogen peroxide, also the conditioner in mine had some parabens. So it isn't quite as natural as it would first appear.
    • alutisara
      I have been really happy with this product. I have been allergic to most of the dies on the market, Just have to try what works for you!
    • mal113
      You can buy SanoTint in the United States at twice cheaper.
    • vivasanusa
      All permanent hair color products must contain chemicals in order to make the color permanent. Different hair coloring products may use different chemicals, but they all aim to achieve the same result: lasting, permanent hair color. SanoTint Light does not contain the specific chemical compound p-phenylenediamine. It uses the absolute minimal amount of chemicals necessary to achieve a beautiful, lasting, permanent hair color. We have many happy customers, who have had severe allergic reactions to other commercial hair coloring products, and find that SanoTint Light allows them to, once again, color their hair. However, everyone's body chemistry is unique and, although the chances of a reaction to SanoTint light are very small, there is no guarantee that any one person will not have a reaction to the chemicals in SanoTint Light. VIVASAN USA is the importer and distributor for SanoTint products in the U.S. If you would like to find out more about SanoTint products or buy them for yourself, please visit our website at
    • Lynick4442
      I have many allergies and have had difficulty finding a product other than henna that I could use but I successfully dyed my hair this week with Sanotint Light. It's important to note that Santotint Light was recommended by the distributor because of my allergies. It's less harsh than the regular Sanotint. The person above might have had the regular Sanotint.
    • Xman
      I use SanoTint Classic Natural Brown (it's ammonia free) I'm very happy with the result. I am planning on ordering SanoTint Light (ammonia and PPD free) next time. I order it at They always deliver orders very fast.