ShopSafe Advertising System

ShopSafe is a Trusted Advertising Environment for your Brand.

Safe Messaging

ThisNext’s ShopSafe system can place your ads by family-safe content—and make sure they don’t appear next to products and language that everyone might not enjoy. It allows your brand to message to our shoppers safely and effectively.

Premier, Robust Inventory

Because the vast majority of ThisNext’s advertising space is “clean” ShopSafe advertisers’ messages can still generate a considerable amount of impressions—most of ThisNext’s monthly page views fall within the bounds of the ShopSafe program.

Shoppers' Authentic Voice

ShopSafe gives you all the benefits of user-generated content in a brand-appropriate way. ShopSafe is designed to allow our community members to express their opinions about the best consumer products in all categories, while separating your brand from any adult or objectionable content. And advertising on ThisNext means you support consumers who choose to share real opinions about the best products with other shoppers.

Please contact us if you have any questions about ShopSafe!